Men's and Women's Teams
The PEI Celts GAA is excited to kick off a new season. Combining the experience and leadership of veteran players with the energy and enthusiasm of new recruits, the team’s future looks promising.  With a focus on team and player development, the club is offering weekly training, games against Halifax and tournaments in Montreal, and many social events along the way.  This will all lead up to the Eastern Canadian Championships which will be hosted in Charlottetown on the 1st of September, 2018.  Whether it is newly arrived Irish emigrants looking for a piece of home, Canadians of Irish heritage looking to connect with their roots or athletes of all backgrounds looking for a new challenge, Gaelic Football ,the “original beautiful game”, has something to offer everyone.

 Dynamic and fast paced, Gaelic Football combines the best parts of some of Canada’s favourite sports – soccer, volleyball, basketball, rugby, etc. Check out our About Gaelic Football page to learn more about the game and to watch the Original Beautiful Game video.
Whether you are newly arrived from Ireland, a Canadian of Irish heritage or simply looking for a new challenge and a bit of ‘craic’, we are always looking to recruit new players of every experience and skill level.
If you’re interested in trying out the game at a training session or would like to learn more about the team, please contact [email protected]